Your welfare team is basically there for anything that you feel you could use help with. Common concerns are academic work, relationships with department and supervisor, relationships more generally, physical and sexual health, religious, ethnic or gender identity. If you feel that an institution or another individual has treated you unjustly or violently, don’t hesitate to come to us to seek support or even just to vent your complaints.

University often tends to be a pretty precarious place concerning mental health, and if you are struggling with stress, depression, drug or alcohol abuse and addiction, disordered eating, anxiety or panic, please be assured: you are not alone! And, more importantly: it’s not a state of being that you have to just accept and live with.

Sometimes it can help to talk to a stranger (someone who is also a grad student and can understand your frame of reference in that sense) just to explore and evaluate the options available to you. We promise to never pressure anyone into any kind of action that they don’t want to commit to. We’re really just here to listen and support.

Your graduate Welfare Officers are there for you and if you have issues with any aspect of your life here at Oxford, whether of academic, health or personal nature, please do not hesitate to contact them. You can find the current Welfare Officers on GCR committee page.