GCR sports tend to be mainly on the informal side, although football cuppers against other colleges is pretty hard-fought — one year we suffered four broken legs in our first four games! On top of this, it is impossible to forget the more stereotypical of Oxford sports. Rowing plays an important part in the lives of many members of the House. This, some might say insane, activity is something that has to be tried at least once, if you haven’t before. There are novice races in the first term, and plenty of fun to be had in the spring and summer bumps races.

In the summer months, croquet becomes something of an obsession for some members of the GCR. The Masters’ Garden is available for croquet in Trinity Term, and is a lovely place to while away the hours after dinner.

If you are interested in playing sport in the GCR, or indeed setting up a new team, then let one of the Sports Officers/Committee Members know and they should be able to point you in the right direction. Tennis courts, squash courts, football or rugby pitches, punts, or any other part of the Sports Ground may be booked by using the Christ Church online system (https://chchoxford.sports-booker.com/home.php).