The Common Room

The physical GCR consists of a suite of rooms situated in one corner of Tom Quad. The main room of this is where most GCR activities take place. It is steeped in history, having been previously occupied both by Charles Dodgson (better known as Lewis Carroll) and Albert Einstein. It sports some very comfortable leather sofas.

The Common Room contains everything you need to relax after a hard day’s work: tea and coffee, a stereo, a widescreen television with free view digital channels, a DVD player and various games consoles. The GCR also subscribes to a few newspapers and magazines for you to enjoy.


Social Events

The social life of the GCR is always active, with plenty going on to maintain that important work-life balance. Social Secretaries are elected once a term and are in charge of organising events like bops, pub-crawls, garden parties, and social exchanges with other colleges. We have regular welfare teas, food and drink tastings, movie nights, board game nights, and arts trips throughout the year. There is also the much-loved second pudding once a week after formal Hall, lovingly catered for by our Right Honourable Cake Officers of Christ Church GCR. With the new Senior Common Room (SCR) Liaison Officer role, social and speaker events will be organised for the GCR and SCR to mingle and share ideas. In addition, seminars or talks by graduates or invited speakers have been held in the past. These and many other events are organised for you by the GCR Committee.

Of course, there are always plenty of unofficial/impromptu events hosted by GCR Members. This space is yours to use as you wish. You can invite friends to the GCR and even book the Les Jones dining room for private events and dinners. If you prefer a quiet night in, then you should have no difficulty in finding somebody with whom to watch a DVD/iPlayer in the Common Room.


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