President: Amelie van Alphen


The President makes sure that all is well in the Common Room and also represents the graduate community at Christ Church to the College.

Vice President: Matt Deakin


The Vice President helps keep the committee in check, writes agendas for meetings, takes minutes, and generally makes life easier for everybody at Christ Church.

Treasurer: Paul Morris


The Treasurer looks after the GCR accounts and budgets, and makes sure our bills are paid on time. He has the power to battel you for huge amounts of money, so treat him nicely.

Arts Officers: Colin Ross & Jason Waite

Colin RossJason Waite

The Arts Officers organise and inform us about all things cultural; from art exhibitions and trips to concerts and festivals.

Bar Officers: Micheline Astley-Boden & Dylan Morris

DylanMichelineThe Bar Officers keep the GCR kitchen stocked. They are open to suggestions for bar stock.

Environment & Ethics Officers: Sergio Martin-Alvarez

SergioThe Environment & Ethics Officers keep everyone informed about all issues green and ethical.

Film & Media Officers: Tim Rajakumar

TimThe Film & Media Officers organise the at least weekly film nights in the GCR. These are well attended, and an eclectic collection of movies is shown.

Food & Dining Officers: Emily Seward & Gabriel Delaney

VictorEmilyThe Food & Dining Officers organise the Wednesday night guest dinners as well as exchange and black-tie dinners. They also have a say in what goes on the menu for Hall, so any complaints about the ortolan you had last night should go to them.

IT Officers: Louis Cortes & Joao Sahadi


The IT Officers are responsible for the general fabric and functionality of the GCR Computer Room and for liaising with the College’s IT personnel. They are also in charge of updating the GCR website.

LGBTQ+ Officer: Re-open Nominations

LGBTQ Officers do much the same as the other welfare officers, except that they are especially concerned with the LGBTQ+ issues and members of the GCR. This also involves keeping the GCR informed of LGBTQ+ social events as well as welfare issues.

Master of the Punts: Nominations in Trinity Term

The Master of the Punts, along with the JCR Master of the Punts, regulates all aspects of our four river-worthy punts. This is a Trinity-Term-only position.

OUSU Officers: Jack Kelly

Jack_KellyThe OUSU Officers attend regular meetings of the Oxford University Student Union and vote on important matters university wide for the College and keep the GCR informed on what’s happening.

Photographer & Social Media Officer: Re-open Nominations

The in-House Photographer and Social Media Officer will be on hand at our GCR events to take pictures of you at your best.

Rt. Hon. Cake Officers of ChCh GCR: Alina Mansurova

AlinaOne of the most important positions on the entire committee, the Cake Officer’s job is to provide the Common Room with regular deliveries of delicious, usually home-baked, cake.

SCR Liaison Officers: Kathrin Jansen

KathrinThis newly formed position will provide an important bridge between the GCR and Senior Common Room (SCR) by hosting joint GCR and SCR events.

Social Secretaries: Diego Granziol

DiegoThe Social Secs job is to organise outstanding bops and pub trips, and make sure that we are kept happy and entertained.

Sports Officer: Davide Folloni

DavideThe Sports Officers are in charge of organising GCR sporting events and letting us know about sporting opportunities.

Welfare Officers: FengTing Liao, Sergio Martin-Alvares & Alina Mansurova

AlinaSergioFengTingThe Welfare Officers can be spoken to, in confidence, about anything that is troubling you. There are male and female Welfare Officers.