Welcome to the Graduate Common Room (GCR) of Christ Church, Oxford! This is the collective name of the graduates in Christ Church and of our common room, located in Tom Quad. This website is a work in progress but you should be able to find lots of useful information here.

Christ Church is steeped in history and the GCR is no exception. Located in the old living quarters of Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) and Albert Einstein, the GCR is the hub of graduate life at Oxford. We host a range of events to suit everyone, from games and movie nights, to dinners and bops. We value the welfare, happiness, and inclusion of our members above all. We hope that you will enjoy your time in Oxford, Christ Church, and as a member of the GCR!

If you are new to the college, please visit our Freshers’ page for more information. Do not hesitate to get in touch here or with members of the GCR Committee.

If you are a current member of the GCR please join our 2016/2017 group. We also have public Facebook and Twitter pages, so please like and follow us!

MuChCh love,

Amelie van Alphen
GCR President 16/17